GO Electrical is a wholly owned subsidiary of Metal Manufacturers Limited, proud of its heritage, born a decade ago deep from within the Australian Electrical Market, and now stands with 27 branches within the reach of 80% of the population of Australia’s East Coast.

GO Electrical prides itself on being flexible enough to attend to the ever changing market forces surrounding us and our customers’ needs in a timely and personalised fashion.

The Board of GO Electrical is a strong advocate of good corporate governance. The principles that guide our governance is reflected in all of our Strategies and Policies outlined below. These dictate on how we, as a solid Corporate citizen, exist within the Communities in which we not only serve but wholly exist within, for the long term benefit of our staff, customers, suppliers and future generations.


  1. Code of Conduct Policy
  2. Environmental and Sustainability Policy
  3. Ethical Sourcing Policy
  4. Work Health and Safety Policy
  5. Equal Opportunity, Bullying, and Unlawful Harassment Policy
  6. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy (ATSIS)

GO Electrical is also an active Defence Reserves Supporter. 

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